About Us

Joy Banerjee


Joy has over a decade of experience in transportation and management consulting. He held various leadership positions at Lufthansa Cargo where he managed operations and sales on the U.S. West Coast. Passionate about customer experience, Joy transitioned to management consulting for cargo clients spread across the globe. It was those experiences of a busy professional and feedback from likeminded friends that had him realize the need for a delivery service that would make people’s day to day activities more convenient. The idea for OffToYou was soon born.

A transplant from Germany, Joy holds a Masters Degree in Economics from Germany and an Executive MBA with Distinction from the UK.

Rohit Krishna


Rohit has always been passionate about technology. As a child, he would often stay after school and help service computers. By sixth grade, he taught himself the LOGO programming language. In addition, his love for entrepreneurship began at age thirteen when he managed his father’s five-year-old transportation business. Within a month, the struggling business stopped losing money and broke even under Rohit’s direction. Since then, Rohit has dreamed about starting his own company.

Most recently, Rohit spent four years at San Jose Councilmember Ash Kalra’s oce where he was in charge of technology. He also assisted in executing the Councilmember's community outreach agenda for hundred thousand constituents.